This might be the best Denver band
you don’t know … yet.

Mixing R&B, rock, blues, and jazz, BlueStoneMojo shows are lots of fun—not just fun, but exciting—because we play music that gets people up to sing and dance.

Bringing originality, creativity, musical mastery, and spontaneity to every performance, this is an act that’s more like a national touring band than a local “copy” band. While our shows are as exciting as concerts, they also have the exuberant energy of dance parties. After all, any great concert involves dancing (and any great dance party should be as creative as a concert).

The key to the BlueStoneMojo sound is the way it brings together the eclectic repertoire of a jam band with the master musicianship of a jazz ensemble. The common element linking these two elements is the spontaneous creativity of musical improvisation. That’s what makes our shows so exciting … so entertaining … so much fun.

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