3 Ways to Create Your Event


• Choose one of our special show packages
• Let us put together a custom show for you
• Build a show of your own

Here are our show packages:

New Orleans Celebration

Celebrate Mardi Gras any time of the year with the distinctive sounds of New Orleans R&B and jazz. This BlueStoneMojo show brings the spirit and musical traditions of the Crescent City to your event — a little Dixieland and traditional jazz, a little second line, and a whole lot of fun.

Horn-Driven Blues

Before the British Invasion, before Stevie Ray Vaughn, the sound of urban blues was the sound of bands with horns. This BlueStoneMojo show brings you the exciting sounds of horn-driven blues.

Old-School Rock-n-Soul Dance Party

When rock exploded into the mainstream with the youth movements of the Sixties, soul and Motown came along with it. This BlueStoneMojo show delivers the energy and excitement of a classic rock and soul dance party … complete with horns!

Cool Jazz Concert

This is a jazz show you can groove to—with appealing melodies, dance rhythms, interesting arrangements, and exciting improvisations. The show covers a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary, including fan-favorite original compositions.